String Stories & String Stunts

Traditional & Original String Figures & Stories


by Ruth Stotter

with illustrations by Kevin Coffey


Paperback / $22.95 / ISBN-13: 978-1-58790-170-6 / 104 pages / 7” x 10” /

extensively illustrated with over 100 how-to drawings


Magic / Storytelling / Folklore / Games / How-To Books / Children’s Activities (Crafts)

The history of string figures shows them to be an important accompaniment to stories and chants in many cultures, especially in Pacific Rim countries. A Loop of String carries on this tradition, providing  stories that accompany directions for making string figures. In addition, Stotter includes string stunts and tricks that have been passed on in the oral tradition for hundreds of years.


This how-to book for all ages is a valuable contribution to the folk art of making string figures and will be cherished by teachers, librarians, storytellers, summer camp counselors, and, of course,  children. It also contains  many original string stories. A loop of string is easy to travel with, affordable, and provides hours of creativity and fun.


Ruth Stotter, folklorist, storyteller, author and teacher travels the world with origami paper, a loop of string, and stories. She has performed and taught storytelling workshops on five continents.

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