The Foundation Story of the Bible



by Peter Veres


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Religion / Bible


ABOUT THE BOOK As the relationship of God to humanity is the central theme of the Bible so the covenant between God and Abraham is the root of this relationship and the core of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. God makes a binding covenant with Abraham. He promises Abraham that his descendants will become a multitude with a land of their own; that he will bless them as his chosen people if they obey his commands and act in righteousness; that he will be their God. And in accepting God’s covenant Abraham becomes the father of monotheism. How does God manifest his righteousness and his justice? How does he test and judge his people? How should a righteous person act? THE STORY OF ABRAHAM is set near the end of the biblical story, after the death of Sarah, Abraham’s wife. Abraham looks back over his long life and tells his story to his nephew Lot, who has the role of interlocutor. Through imagined questions and comments, the two speakers reflect on Abraham’s story and present a narrative commentary on the text of the Bible. In THE STORY OF ABRAHAM the actual biblical text of the story is kept intact in its given sequence, but it is intertwined with invented dialogue with the words of the Bible as a way of commenting on the actions of the characters presented in Genesis. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Peter Veres was born in 1938, and lived in Budapest, Hungary until 1949 when, having survived WW II, he and his family emigrated to the US and settled in New York City. There he went to the High School of Music and Art and Columbia College, graduating in 1961 with a BA and a major in art history. That same year he married Ruth Cahn and moved to Cambridge, MA, to work with the sculptor Mirko Basaldella at Harvard. He earned an MAT degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and taught art and art history at the Newton College for Women. In 1963 he moved to Berkeley, CA and taught, until 1978, at the San Francisco College for Women, later called Lone Mountain College. He also taught in the graduate school of San Francisco State College, 1965-1968. In the Bay Area his work was in sculpture and graphic art. From 1969 to 1975 he created and performed in his own theater works. In 1977 he started making mosaics, which he continued until 1999. In 1978 he moved with his family to Mendocino, CA, where he continued his work in mosaics, mostly for public places. In 1993 he moved to San Francisco, where he still lives, working mostly in sculpture and making books. Books by Peter Veres Kati’s Story: Recollections of Two Worlds Ephemeral Gestures: Performance Works 1969-1975 Grassroots Drawings 1972-1978 The Argument of Innocence: A Selection From the Arts of Kenneth Patchen

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