And Other Songs of Liberation


by Ralph Metzner

produced and recorded by Kit Walker

additional vocals by Ella Zarum


music cd / $20 / ISBN-10: 1-58790-413-5 /



Original songs and prayers, inspired in divinations from the Well of Memory and the Tree of Visions. Composed and performed by Ralph Metzner.

1 The Three Roads of Life 4:42

 2 Bardo Blues 3:39

 3 A Man and A Woman 4:07

 4 Song of the Tree of My Life 3:31

 5 Healing Song 2:59

 6 Sky of Love 2:53

 7 Song of the Soul 5:07

 8 We Come from the Sun 3:07

 9 Shaman’s Farewell 5:22

 10 Prayer for the Web of Life 5:42



Disguised as simple ballads, the songs of Bardo Blues reveal a map of consciousness that teach us about our human incarnation, from birth, down the roads of our life, and beyond. Metzner’s tunes are catchy; suddenly you’ll be humming about your soul, your heart, and your life!

~Jamy Faust, psychotherapist, teacher and healer.


Love your CD!! It's really an adventurous heartfelt work.

~ Barbara Higbie, singer, composer, musician


Your CD Bardo Blues has us looking to find out whether we are dead everytime we wake up.

~ Ram Dass


Thank you for the CD! Its very cool, humorous (in a good way) and carries a beautifully sincere message in every track.

~ Sonja Drakulich (Stellamara)


I am delighted to receive your CD. What a beautiful display of playful depth. When I listen to the voice of your soul pour through your fingers and throat carrying ancient relevant wisdom, I am reminded of the spirit of play, harmony and adventure.

~ Dominie Cappadonna


The CD Bardo Blues is fun to listen to. It is like being with a friend who is just being himself and singing his truth. The songs were inspired by experiences in shamanic journeys and divination ceremonies. Between the words and the friendliness and simplicity of Ralph’s voice I find myself feeling centered in the midst of change.

~ Sandra Ingerman



Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. received his undergraduate degree at Oxford University and his doctorate in clinical psychology at Harvard University, where he also held a post-doctoral fellowship in psychopharmacology at the Harvard Medical School. He collaborated with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert in studies of psychedelic drugs and co-authored The Psychedelic Experience. He is a psychotherapist and Professor Emeritus at the California Institute of Integral Studies, where he taught for 30 years. Ralph is the author of The Well of Remembrance, The Unfolding Self, Green Psychology, Birth of a Psychedelic Culture (with Ram Dass); editor of two collections of essays on ayahuasca and on psilocybe mushrooms; and author of a series of seven books on The Ecology of Consciousness.



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