A Novel


Adina Sara


$17.95 / ISBN-13: 978-1-58790-328-1 / 370 pages  /  5.25” x 8” / paperback




None of the neighbors considered it trespassing. The run-down shack on five overgrown acres in the Sierra Nevada foothills had been abandoned for years. But their exploits on the land are suddenly threatened when a woman appears out of nowhere, claiming to have just inherited the place. As she starts digging around, she does far more than uncover weeds and rocks: she uproots the very landscape of each of their lives.


“Gently and poetically, Sara takes us on a journey into rural America where lives twine together in unexpected ways. Her characters are as rich as the landscape she so beautifully describes.”

— Beverly Olevin, author, The Good Side of Bad, Winner Kirkus Discoveries Best Fiction 2010


“The more we read, the more the mystery a mirage that keeps the same distance even when you stride toward it. Sara has a knack for unfolding essential truths with a few compact words. Her handling of multiple viewpoints was pitch perfect.”

— Dennis Kaplan, author, editor: The Workplace Anthology


“This debut novel draws deep into the lives of a fascinating cast of characters. Sara’s honest and lyrical voice delivers life lessons by way of pure old-fashioned reading pleasure.”

— Joy Maulitz, award-winning author, host of KWMR-FM’s “Waves of Joy”



Adina Sara is the author of 100 Words Per Minute: Tales From Behind Law Office Doors (Regent Press 2006) and The Imperfect Garden, A Memoir (Regent Press 2009).  She was the feature garden columnist for The MacArthur Metro, a Bay Area newspaper, and her poetry and essays have appeared in various publications including East Bay Express, Oxygen and Peregrine Press. She resides in Oakland, California.


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