by J. Lea Koretsky

Paperback / $24.95 / isbn: 978-1-58790-225-3 / 456 pages / 5.5 x 8.5”


Fiction / Mystery


Border is the eleventh work of fiction written by the author Judith Lea Koretsky.  These stories tell of shipping and trade in the Puerto Rico islands, commerce with the United States, and border custom’s patrol in the South and Florida. They attempt to explain causes for numerous shipwrecks, predominantly over the mid-Atlantic, and causes of three airplane crashes worldwide during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


J. Lea Koretsky worked twelve years in non-profit hospital management under the state health and safety code before she switched careers to investigative social work in the milieu of child abuse and county public welfare. Voir dired as a witness expert she has given testimony for the county and worked with FBI on cases. Belvatown is her twelfth novel of detective fiction. She resides in the San Joaquin Delta. Koretsky was nominated by Berkeley National Poets for best poems appearing in a novel, Trojan Park. She remains an avid reader of Creeley, Snyder, Rilke, Frost and Yeats.

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