Stories of Note


by Maya Elmer

Paperback / $18.00 / isbn: 978-1-58790-212-3 / 429 pages / 5.5 x 8.5




Breathing In / Breathing Out is a series of incidents in the life of Maya Elmer — student, wife, mother, politician, and always a writer who relates to the times from the Twenties in Michigan, through the Sixties social revolution to the Twenty First century in Berkeley, California. Her memoirs are an expose of her life and, often, her soul. Funny, sad, but always honest. Her life’s adventures reflect that saying of Goethe’s, “Boldness has magic in it.”


Maya Elmer broke into print in a children’s page in the Detroit News, on to the high school literary magazine, followed by a stint with The Michigan Daily (1938-1941). Periodic, impromptu newsletters followed, from the political Petticoat Politics in the 50’s  to Terra Una, a USA sheet for the religious International Association for Religious Freedom (1987-89). Her last project was a newsletter for the GPHS Class of 1937 (2009). For her efforts with the Democratic Party in Michigan, the system called her “The Michigan Democratic Woman of the Year” in 1958. She is the author of  Tales of Freestone, a book of notes and interviews about how volunteers erected a Buckminster geodesic Dome, a retreat center for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley, finally finished after 35 years. Black Lake Tales, stories of the family retreat in Michigan, was edited with her daughter, Vicki Elmer.



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