Guess Who I Bumped Into


by Robert C. Pritikin


Hardback / $29.95 / isbn: 978-1-58790-198-0 / 152 pages / 8.5” x11” / extensively illustrated in full color

e-book / $9.95 / isbn: 978-1-58790-199-7


Celebrities / Memoir

CELEBRITY Guess Who I Bumped Into? could well be the ultimate cocktail table book. It features author Robert C. Pritikin’s personal contacts with some ot the world’s most famous and infamous personalities, including Liberace, JFK Jr., Harvey Milk and, yes, even Adolph Hitler.


Robert C. Pritikin, a SF celebrity, occupies the largest private estate in San Francisco. Pritikin’s party pad is described in the SF Chronicle as “A quirky kaleidoscope of fine art and kitsch.” We’re talking about a home where a tree on the grounds shoots fire and water, where Eleanor Roosevelt is memorialized as a whiskey decanter and where Adolph Hitler’s personal world globe is displayed with the placard “May the Bastard Rot In Hell.” The sprawling estate, visited by the famous and infamous, hosts parties with up to a thousand guests. Attending events at the “Pritikin Palace” will bump you into a demographic hodge-podge from a State Senator, Jackie Speier, to a topless pole dancer, Carol Doda. Enjoy the house. It’s quite the hoot.



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