Psychotherapeutic Commentaries

A Wayfaring Conselor's Rendering


The Seven Interior Records


by Raymond Bart Vespe


paperback / $19.95 / 978-1-58790-378-6 / 274 pages /6” x 9”


Chinese Taoism / Chuang Tzu / Psychotherapy


About the Book The Chuang Tzu is a principal text of the ancient Spiritual tradition of Chinese Taoism. It is a collection of illustrative tales in thirty-three chapters recorded over two thousand years ago and which has since undergone hundreds of translations, commentaries and adaptations. The first seven Inner Chapters/Nei P’ien of The Chuang Tzu text are attributed to Chuang Chou/Tzu, the serene/ubiquitous/Master, and are rendered here as the Interior Records. Nei P’ien tales are lively portrayals of how individual beings manage to find their truth, freedom and happiness at a time in Chinese history of rampant bloody internecene warfare between rulers of separate states vying for hegemony. The present work is an original rendering of the tales in the seven Interior Records/Nei Pien. The psychotherapeutically-oriented commentaries given for each of the tales are not only useful for professionals practicing psychotherapy, but also for anyone interested in truly and Soulfully living a more Spiritually awakened, natural, free and happy human life. About the Author Raymond Vespe is currently retired after a fulfilling sixty-two year long professional career of learning, teaching, training, supervising, mentoring, counseling and practicing that integrates the psychospiritual and psychotherapeutc teachings and practices of Chinese Taoist philosophy and existential/phenomenological/humanistic/transpersonal psychologies.

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