How to Select and Use the Best Toys & Games


by Stevanne Auerbach, PhD


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The fourth, completely revised edition of Dr. Toy’s Smart PLAY Smart TOYS, is a unique, comprehensive guide to help parents select and use the best toys and games for developing “Play Quotient” (PQ) and expanding a child’s playfulness. The book assists parents in navigating toy and play options, offers tips on evaluating toy safety, and suggests innumerable diverse activities. The book identifies educational and age-appropriate toys, important craft supplies for playtime and offers hundreds of useful ways to make play a life-long and nurturing experience. A great addition to the library of anyone who cares about children! This book is a valuable resource for parent, grandparents, teachers, toy store personnel, toy designers and anyone in the toy industry! The book has been published in 12 countries.


Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, has been for many years one of the nation’s leading professionals on children’s play and educational toys and related products. Dr. Auerbach relies on more than 45 years of training and hands-on experience to select the best educationally oriented, skill building products from both large and small companies in her original, annual “Best Products Award Programs”. Millions of parents, teachers and toy buyers around the world use Dr. Toy’s guidance posted on Dr. Toy’s Guide, the first site on toys on the Internet, in making their toy selections.

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