A Must For All Foodies


by Robert C. Pritikin

hardback / $24.95  / isbn 13: 978-1-58790-189-8 / 204 pages / 6” x 9” / dustjacket


Fiction / Food / Fetishism


A murderous tale about food to chill your spine, churn your stomach, and leave you limp as a wet noodle.


Highway House is as tasty and well-seasoned as the work of Danielle Steel and Armistead Maupin combined, with a dash of the Book of Job.”

— Herb Gold


The SF Examiner stated, “If Bob Pritikin were a color, he’d be charismatic Carnelian.” Author  of four books, Bob started planning his various careers at age six with the dream of becoming an elephant trainer. While that plan never materialized, his other pursuits did, including becoming a star gymnast. “I used to stand upside-down on one arm. I’m lucky to stand on two feet today,” he quipped.


Billed as America’s Foremost Concert Saw Player, he’s performed with Johnny Cash, Carol Channing and Eddie Fisher. A long-time stage magician, he dazzled crowds with his dismembered talking head.

An advertising icon for decades, the industry’s bible, Advertising Age, described his ads as “sheer genius.” Get ready for his latest book, a fiction novel that could well cause you to upchuck. But as your toes begin to curl, you will turn the next page expecting and even hoping to be further shocked. Fasten your safety belt! You’re in for a literary crash landing.


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