A Counter-Culture History, 1960-1970


by Jerry Beisler



paperback / $19.95 / isbn: 978-1-58790-497-4 / 178 pages /6" x 9" / illustrated

e-book / $7.95 / 978-1-58790-498-1


1960's, counter culture, hippies, sports, music


 Hoosiers and Hippies takes you across many of the pivotal events of 1960-1970 as a tsunami-like cultural shift unfolds around the world! The Draft, the moon landing, pro football’s unruly era and the People’s Park Riot ... emerging musicians now iconic, including Jerry Garcia, Janis Joplin, and the giants of the Chicago Blues scene ...from hashish in Morocco, to a basketball scholarship in pre-industrial Mexico, to a metaphysical journey through pre-Drug War Colombia ... cannabis was a 1-10 felony offense at best for possession, yet openly used at a sword-of-Damocles price ... adventure, romance—and some infamous, all-time villains...



 Jerry Beisler is the author of The Bandit of Kabul, The Berkeley Years, four books of poetry, and numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and the producer of  the 34-song album, “The Art of the Single.”



      Your new book is very entertaining. I love the crazy cover! Very kind of you to send it, keeps me laughing. Court scenes crack me up. Keep on keeping on.

      I'm rereading your Bandit of Kabul book and have shared it with my daughter Sunshine. We both loved it. I'm ready for the next installment from your publishing empire. The writing gets better and better. You are going to send me one for free? Fabulous! You are a man of surprises so I'm looking forward to reading it. I'm struggling to write my own memoir and wish I'd had a little camera like yours. Your photos were really good and add a lot of personality to the Bandit story. Good thing you were able to save them. Writing down the events of long past, hard to recall, it takes time and then rendering it into sentences that work together . . . tough going! Stay in touch . . . cheers."                                     — Mountain Girl


     For anyone interested in the 1960's, Jerry Beisler's Hoosiers and Hippies captures the zeitgeist of the entire decade, not just the latter half. It was an era when rock music, professional sports and cannabis became huge influences in America and Jerry was a player in all of it.

     Jerry was perhaps the first professional sports agent, the original " show me the money guy." His encounters with Raiders owner Al Davis are classic.

Working as a promoter and producer put him in touch with the giants of blues and rock, and his recollections are insightful and funny.

     Dead Heads should read this just for his endearing depiction of times spent with Jerry Garcia.

     It has often been said that there wasn't any high quality cannabis then, when compared to today. Beisler destroys that myth as a pioneer in the  smuggling , cultivating, and breeding of the finest Sensimilla.

     The authenticity of this book  shines throughout.

— Richard Dwyer


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