by Dr. Janine Canan

illustrated by Cristina Biaggi


$16.00 / ISBN-13978-1-58790-135-5 / 204 pages / paperback / 5.25” x 7.25”


Fiction / Spirituality / Women


Journeys with Justine is a stunningly original collection of tales describing the adventures and epiphanies of Justine, a contemporary seeker who travels from California to the Olympic Peninsula, New York, France, Bali and India, in search of her Self. On her journey from disillusion to illumination, she encounters artists, lovers and saints, death, Earth and the Goddess.


Christina Biaggi has exhibited artwork and lectured widely throughout the United States and Europe, receiving many awards. Her sculpture, drawings and collages are shown at Ceres and Flywheel Galleries in New York. Biaggi is the author of The Rule of Mars, In The Footsteps of the Goddess and Habitations of the Great Goddess. Born in Italy, resident of New York, a mother and a grandmother, Cristina has a PhD in Art & Philosophy from New York University, along with black belts in Kung Fu and Taw Kwan Do.

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