by Michael Besack

Paperback / $27.00 / ISBN-13: 978-1-58790-168-3 / 202 pages / 5.5” x 8.5”  / Illustrated


Poetry / Music / Myth


A mind brimming with awareness can travel wherever it wants and no obstacle should ever be placed in its way. The food it ingests as it ranges over strange imaginary landscapes draws its quality from the unpolluted richness of its basic ingredients. Pristine words and images, fed through hungry senses, stimulate noetic activity. An expanding field of consciousness coordinated by the steady pulse of recurring patterns brings the outward journey within easy reach. Every surge of curiosity triggers a process of self-discovery. The inner and the outer merge once a stable rhythm has been established.

 But words and images have become toxic. Today their poisonous showers fall mercilessly on anorexic minds. Overwhelmed and overworked, each field of awareness stands tightly tethered to a well-laundered brain. That brain has been programmed and reprogrammed so many times that its integrity must now be questioned. In the majority of cases the diagnosis is hopeless. As the writhing remnants of consciousness lie buried under mounting layers of garbage, the choking flood is redirected at memories that have yet to be obliterated. The eradication must be complete.  Manufacturing zombies has become an industrial priority. At the viral edge of science, where engineers exercise their art, the mass procedure appears effective and relatively innocuous. But it is also irreversible. Natural history tells us that it is at the height of such devastating changes that a resistant minority is sometimes born.  Why that is, no one can say for sure. Adaptation or natural selection, are sometimes invoked to make it sound right. But what counts is that something rises from the dying heap as life begins anew.


Michael Besack is a software designer, opera singer and philosopher residing in Berkeley, California.

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