One Voice, Many Echoes

Selected Prose


Rebecca Camhi Fromer


$19.95 / ISBN-13: 978-1-58790-130-0 / 303 pages / paperback / 5.25” x 8”


Stories / Plays / Essays


One Voice, Many Echoes, an anthology of the author’s prose writings, is a beautifully written, powerful, and eminently humane work of penetrating vision; its scope is wide, its substance both subtle and deep.  By design, it draws upon fact and fiction and utilizes various genres to greatest effect. The essay from which the book derives its title reverberates with the “unlocked” voice of James Baldwin’s address at Castlemont High School at the invitation of the author. It is a hitherto unknown, unpublished treasure at the core of an essay pulsating with far-reaching concentric circles, but make no mistake. Love, life and death, war, privation, and fierce determination to survive mark the book at every turn to etch memory with unforgettable tales.


Rebecca Camhi Fromer’s  writings include: The Holocaust Odyssey of Daniel Bennahmias, Sonderkommando; The House by the Sea, and One Voice, Many Echoes. She has co-authored or edited numerous works on the holocaust, including Rumkowski and the Orphans of Lodz and Bridge of Sorrow, Bridge of Hope, and is represented in Sephardic American Voices, Two Hundred Years of a Literary Legacy. She and her husband, Seymour Fromer, are co-founders of the Magnes Museum in Berkeley, California.



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