Out of Silence into Being

Selected Poems


Rebecca Camhi Fromer


$16.95 / ISBN-13: 978-1-587980-127-0 / 121 pages / paperback / 5.25” x 8”




Out of Silence into Being resonates with a passionate voice that often spills into humor and fierce or ironic stances punctuated by an unmistakable rhythm in consonance with the experience the poet so deftly captures. She deploys a full range of lyric gifts not only to astonish us with a new perspective of sorrow and deception, love and loss, but also encourages us to grace the world with our care as conscious beings, and in beauty in fulfillment of our own aspirations. Told with a distilled, spare use of language, Fromer writes with a deceptive simplicity that invites reflection and has been acclaimed by writer Cynthia Ozick, who sees her as a philosophical poet and praises her “laying-on of balm.”

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