A Wealth of Knowledge About History & Culture

Past & Present


by Milton A. Combs, Sr., M.A., M.Div.,

and Karyn M. Combs, M.S., Ed.D.


$29.95 / ISBN 1-58790-121-8 / xxi + 431 pages  /  6” x 9” / illustrated


African American Studies / U.S. HIstory / Ethnic Studies

The African American Quiz Book for All Americans contains a wealth of information about a select group of  individuals whose achievements, heroic acts, and creation of landmark organizations have contributed significantly to the creation and greatness of the United States. This information is presented through a compilation of more than 350 non-trivial questions and answers designed to stimulate learning and critical thinking, especially for students in middle grades, high school and college. The organized question and answer format can also easily and readily be used by teachers, families, churches, sororities and fraternities, and other organizations. Included is a glossary and an extensive list of references for further study and research. The African American Quiz Book for All Americans is an excellent supplemental text book for all classes in U.S. History and Culture.


Milton Combs, Sr., has written curriculum for the social sciences, ethnic studies and world religions. A veteran of World War Two, as well as an ordained minister, he has had a distinguished academic career as a faculty member at Solano College in California and has received numerous awards and recognitions. Karyn Combs is the principal of Cherokee Elementary School in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, a Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserves, and the 2005 ABWA Woman of the Year. As a member of the church, the NAACP, Delta Theta Sigma, and the Links, she is involved in many community service programs and is a sought after inspirational speaker.

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