The Bandit of Kabul

Episode Two of the series:

As The Prayer Wheel Turns


by Jerry Beisler


$29.95 / ISBN 13:  978-1-58790-094-5 / 250 pages / paperback / 5.5” x 8.5”


Memoir / Travel / Adventure

Real life action in the great American tradition of adventurers/ writers reminiscent of Hemingway, Mark Twain and Jack London, The Bandit of Kabul is a tight, fast paced, emotionally driven narrative. This true story spans the decade before the Age of Technology and is filled with cutting edge global views of history during the last days of the legal Afghanistan-Kathmandu to Amsterdam hash smugglers and the rise of the smoke shops in Holland. Go off the beaten path with rebel, Hollywood outlaw artists. HUMOR, hedonism and high jinks in Asia are haunted by the specter of serial killer Charles Sobhraj. ROMANCE, mystics, Burma, Bali, and a wild ride through the early days of reggae across the Caribbean. More ROMANCE in the evolving lives of ex-pat close friends through death, divorce, and children. POETS, informants, and nominees for “heroes for that era’s history.” The genesis of the EMERALD Triangle pot plantations . . . peaceniks, museum thieves and Royalty. The Dali Lama. Author JERRY BEISLER enhances the incredible tale with a snapshot camera at reveals life before cellphones, laptops and instant banking. Plus, rare horses and one great dog.


Jerry Beisler has had three books of poetry published:  Hawaiian Life and the Pink Dolphins,  St. Elvis and Missionary Thought and  Mother Asia and Cousin California. He has also published international political commentary, travel articles, historical research papers, film and video reviews and short stories. Jerry produced a public access tv show at betv in Berkeley in 2001 and 2002 “The Cutting Edge” that won the best music video award (Cutting Edge IV) at the 2002 Hometown Video Festival. He attended Indiana University, Mexico City College and San Francisco State University.

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