Electronic Erotica


by Ève Winter



Paperback / $18.00 / isbn: 978-1-58790-233-8 / 182 pages / 5 x 7”

e-book / $9.95 / isbn: 978-1-58790-234-5


Fiction / Novel / Erotica

The Blue Note was originally published in French as Ode Baroque & Litanie Tonique: Érotisme Informatique. Beginning where 50 Shades of Gray ends, it is an indiscreet book about a discreet subject. It is a love and sex story that takes place both in the virtual world and in the real world. The computer screen is the mediating interface, the “door of perception,” through which our heroine and hero speak of love and, step by step, achieve sexual union. They discover and exploit the intense eroticism provided by the anonymity of electronics, a phenomenon of current technology that is causing a total upheaval in the way the sexes meet and merge.


The Blue Note is orchestrated like a piece of music. It starts out as a melodic ornament Appoggiature and gradually ascends from Pianissimo to Fortissimo, echoing the development of this harmonic romance. Our heroine is gradually but deeply seduced into levels of intimacy, her paramour using the subtlety of the distance and yet the immediacy of the electronic medium to lead her into a web of unusual pleasures. She marvels at how skillfully and poetically he manipulates the digital medium to combine the realms of eroticism and love.


Ève Winter, was born and raised in French Colonial North Africa to parents, and grandparents, of  different European origins. She feels herself to be multinational — French, Italian, Spanish and American with a bit of Norwegian thrown in. She now considers herself a real American, but has definitely kept her French roots for love and sex. Ève has lived in Europe, notably Paris, where she studied linguistics and Asian languages, and currently resides in the United States.

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