The Search for the Secret Tomb of Chinggis Qa'an


by Alan Nichols


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History / Mongolia / Chinggis Qa’an / Mongol Empire


Publication Date: December 1, 2017


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For nearly 800 years since his death in 1227 archaeologists, treasure hunters, scientists and explorers have been searching for the tomb of Chinggis Qa’an (aka erroneously Ghengis Khan), the 13th century Mongol emperor who conquered and ruled more of the world than anyone before or since. The Hunted and Hunter Expedition has found the gravesite based on four expeditions and nine years of special research. All it has to do now is prove it technically before seeking permission to excavate. Using on-site ground penetrating radar and magnetometry, the expedition has already accumulated the data necessary to confirm the find that is being analyzed by world experts.

Chinggis was a master of deception and the Mongols have felt that a rulers body should never be disturbed, so extraordinary measures to conceal the burial site were undertaken. Consequently everyone, according to author and explorer Alan Nichols, has been looking in the wrong place.

The Hunter and the Hunted chronicles Nichols recent expedition, with a team of technicians and advanced scientific equipment, to Central Asia and Mountain X, to prove his theory and pinpoint the true location of Chinggis’ tomb, some 1,000 miles away from where conventional wisdom says it should be.



Alan Nichols, a past president of the New York-based Explorers Club, has traveled extensively in Chinggis Qa’an’s old empire in central Asia. A trial lawyer, politician, and educator as well as an explorer, Nichols has led four Mongolian Expeditions and nine Explorers Club Flag Expeditions. He is the first person to bicycle the entire 10,300 mile silk web (aka erroneously “Silk Road”) from Turkey to China, and also the first Westerner to circumambulate Mount Kailash after it was opened by the Chinese. His numerous publications include To Climb a Sacred Mountain: One Man’s Search for God Atop the Holy Mountains of the World and Journey: A Bicycle Odyssey through Central Asia.