Caring + Kindness = Success


by Jim Olayos


paperback / $19.95 / 978-1-58790-538-49 / 197 pages /5.5" x 8.5"



Self-Help / Social & Emotional Learning / Kindness / Legacy / Life Lessons /

Caring / Character Development

ABOUT THE BOOK Just when we need an uplifting book and a roadmap to restoring our culture, The Kindness Formula has been written. A lifelong quest to simply make a better world is manifested so eloquently in this book. On every page, in each personal anecdote and in each word, you witness the author’s compassion, love of life and genuine good nature. All the lessons, including those that are deeply personal, are shared in the most positive and inspirational way so others may benefit. A guide to achieve success and happiness through simple daily acts of kindness. In a time where social and emotional learning (SEL) is at the forefront of educational curriculums and goals, this book answers the call with a message of finding strength of character, empathy, responsibility and goal setting through life’s basic lessons. This unique self-help book allows for a personal assessment in an engaging and positive way. The Kindness Formula leads you on a special path to success through positive character traits and good deeds. It speaks to a different view of success and how a kind and compassionate outlook can provide the keys to personal fulfillment. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jim Olayos was born into a family where kindness ruled. As an adult, he studied kindness — and the many traits that fall under the umbrella of kindness — through his work in a school setting. This led him to formulate a thoughtful way of self-conduct that inspires and educates those around him, especially the youth of New England. Jim has touched more than 20,0000 children since he founded The Future Stars Sports Academy and Children’s Foundation in 1997. Part of the Academy’s instruction is Lessons of Life, a unique characterbuilding program that instructs children on the fundamentals of being a good person. Sadly, those basic and important elements of respect, responsibility, kindness and honesty are no longer emphasized in many homes and schools. Over the years, many national and local organizations have recognized Jim’s efforts in the sports world and for his work with children. USA Today bestowed its “Most Caring Coach” Award on Jim and the New York Daily News named him “Coach of the Year.” World Kindness USA has recently recruited Jim as a National Board Member for Athletics. He earned the Sportsman Award of the Greater Bridgeport Athletic Association, was voted one of the 100 Most Influential People in Connecticut High School Sports, and was honored by The YMCA of Connecticut with its “Distinguished Service Award.” The New York Times has also featured the Lessons of Life program and Jim’s sports academy and foundation. The Kindness Formula is a deeply reflective book that speaks clearly to kids, parents and coaches, with life lessons at every turn. Jim brings values to life through real life heart-warming stories. Knowing firsthand the profound, inspiring and emotional wake that his son Jimmy left on our team after his passing, it is no wonder where he got his unique strength of character from, by living these lessons. — Dan Rootenberg, CEO - SPEAR Physical Therapy The Kindness Formula is truly a very special act of grace. Jim’s stories come to life because they flow directly from his heart to that of the reader. All of his lessons, including those that are deeply personal, are shared in the most positive and inspirational way, so others my benefit. The Kindness Formula couldn’t be more relevant today. This book is a gem all young and not so young adults should read and practice — Richard I. Aquilina, PhD, Educator, Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach The Kindness Formula is the best example to show people “Nice guys really DO finish first!” Coach Olayos just doesn’t tell you how to find happiness or success, he gives you real life examples and PROVES if you approach life in a certain way then joy, happiness and fulfillment will follow. If you have a child, this is must read for them at any age. Enjoy his quotes, he is a walking encyclopedia of them! I’m giving a copy of this book to each of my three boys the next time I see them. — Keith Webster, 
Managing Director First Republic, and former Utah Jazz draft Pick I have been often asked to write endorsements for books but never have I been more honored to recommend one. Jim Olayos is one of the finest men I know and the principles in this book are not just tools that he shares with us, but life lessons that he has personally lived as a dedicated father, mentor and coach. Kindness is an often overlooked path to greatness but it is nevertheless one of the most powerful. In the words of the Bible: “clothe yourselves with kindness.” Col 3:12 NLT. This book will help you do just that and you will love what happens to you. — Fran Santora, Lead Pastor - Faith Church The Kindness Formula is a rare gift that teachers should share with their students, coaches with their teams and, most importantly, every parent with their children. The values espoused by Jim should represent the most fundamental and essential component of our individual being truly enabling a kinder, safer and more respectful existence — a world where everyone feels included. Let’s all harness Jim’s wisdom and make the world a better place! — Ron Carapezzi, 
Friend and Business Executive, 
former Cincinnati Reds Draft Pick

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