The Man Who Got Away


by Lise Pearlman


Paperback / $29.95 / isbn: 978-1-58790-495-0-4 / 578 pages / 6” x 9” / with photographs

Hardback / $45 / 978-1-58790-532-2

e-book / 14.95 / isbn: 978-1-58790-496-7


The Charles Lindbergh Jr. Kidnapping / Murder / Trials / True Crime / American History



      The Real Plot Against America unmasked?  Did Lindbergh conspire to kidnap and kill his own son? A shocking, “must read” solution to “the crime of the century.” It pierces the whitewash to reveal this  Depression-era mega-celebrity as both a narcissistic white supremacist and serial hoaxer. Charles Lindbergh likely could have walked down 5th Ave and shot somebody in broad daylight and gotten away with it. Sound familiar?  Retired Judge and award-winning author Lise Pearlman’s myth-smashing exposé, The Lindbergh Kidnapping:  Suspect No. 1 – The Man Who Got Away will make you reexamine what you thought you knew and think twice about fake news today.

      In the depths of the Depression, millions worldwide followed every twist and turn of the Lindbergh baby kidnap/murder. Yet what was reported was largely fake news. Nearly a century after undocumented immigrant Bruno Richard Hauptmann was executed for the dastardly crime, questions still linger. If the wrong man was convicted, who did it? When? Why? Where? How?  The shocking answers this book suggests have eluded all prior authors. Extensive research into dusty archives yielded crucial forensic evidence never before analyzed. Readers are invited to reexamine “the crime of the century” with fresh eyes focused on a key suspect – a slim man wearing a fedora that obscured his face. He was spotted with a ladder in his car near the Lindberghs’ driveway early that fateful night.  The police let an insider who fit that description oversee the entire investigation – the boy’s father, international hero Charles Lindbergh. Abuse of power, amorality and xenophobia all feature in this saga set in an era dominated by white supremacists and social Darwinists. If Lindbergh was Suspect No. 1, the man who got away, what was his motive? Who else was involved? Who helped cover up the crime? Read this book and judge for yourself.


“A myth-smashing book, beautifully written, powerfully argued.”

     — Lloyd C. Gardner, Author of The Case That Never Dies


“Shocking…well-documented and highly plausible.”

— Dr. William M. Bass, Best-selling Author

& Founder of “The Body Farm”


“This book addresses an enduring, troubling question: Was an innocent man convicted of kidnapping and killing Charles Lindbergh’s baby? Fascinating read with surprising conclusion.”

— Barry Scheck, Co-Director of The Innocence Project


“Astounding research, thorough and insightful analysis. Lise Pearlman is a great storyteller… This will be one of the definitive books on the Lindbergh saga … a great and provocative new work.”

— D. Lowell Jensen, Retired Federal Judge,
Former District Attorney& Asst. Atty. General

of the United States, Criminal Division



“An excellent work, the best on the topic thus far."

—Don Heinrich Tolzmann, ed., I am Innocent”: A Statement in the Death Cell by Bruno Richard Hauptmann





Prize-winning author Lise Pearlman is a former trial lawyer and judge and nationally recognized speaker whose books have won multiple awards in the categories of law, U.S. History, multicultural nonfiction and social change.    Her last book, Call Me Phaedra: The Life and Times of Movement Lawyer Fay Stender, won a 2018 International Book Award for biographies. She is also the acclaimed author of With Justice for Some: Politically Charged Criminal Trials of the Early 20th Century That Helped Shape Today’s America [2017]; The Sky’s the Limit: People v. Newton, The REAL Trial of the 20th Century?  [2012]; and American Justice on Trial: People v. Newton [2016] which is a companion to a prize-winning documentary project of the same name.  Pearlman serves as its producer and President of Arc of Justice Productions, Inc. the nonprofit that owns the film.


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