An Autoethnography on Strategies

for Steering Your Mind


by Uju C. Ukwuoma



paperback / $12.95 / isbn: 978-1-58790-486-8 / 246 pages /5.5" x 8.5" /

e-book / $4.95 / 978-1-58790-488-2

autobiography / psychology


      In an exciting, non-academic, and transformative manner, college professor and literacy researcher Dr. Uju C. Ukwuoma takes readers on an adventure on how to fulfill their desires. The procedure for accomplishing our aspiration is so uncomplicated that we often consider it unauthentic.

We have to adjust our thinking, to change what we believe and take action until our attitude mirrors our target. Thanks to the use of teaching plans and lesson notes, effective educators have been using such practices to drive instruction. Such teachers regulate their thought-process to enable them to arrive where they want learners to be even before they start teaching.

      Similarly, engaged learners engross themselves in the contents of their syllabuses and follow this approach to reach an expected level of performance in their minds before encountering their teachers. However, everyone has first to identify the foundation on which they anchor their thoughts and beliefs. What principles drive me is the question we should ask and answer individually.

      Uju uses unstructured stories to share lessons he learned from over 25 years of teaching. He points out strategies that have helped him and others to regulate their thought processes, improve decision making, and expand worldviews to inspire new ideas for changing lives. From exploring various belief systems to going with the flow of life, this book points the way to finding fulfillment in life by consciously taking Belief Literacy Steps daily.



Outside of college teaching and research, Uju is a volunteer board-chairman for the Association for Health & Sexual Awareness (AFHESA), a nonprofit that studies how gender identities, and sexual orientation influence behavior and educational attainment. AFHESA explores the intersection of belief, gender, and popular culture in decision-making to facilitate responsible sexual choices for adolescents. He is also the principal consultant for Literacy of Belief LLC, a team of experts who are enthusiastic about helping educational authorities, around the world, to improve literacy standards. His team is also involved in coaching people in the area of belief. Uju lives in Houston, Texas, in the United States of America.



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