by Meera Riitta Ojala


paperback / $19.95 / 978-1-58790-573-5 / 160 pages /5.5" x 8.5"  / color photographs

hardback / dust jacket / $39.95 / 978-1-58790-546-9 / 160 pages /5.5" x 8.5"  / color photographs




Hope, Grief and Loss, Healing, Poetry, Personal   Growth,

Inspirational, Spiritual, Self help

ABOUT THE BOOK These days a good dose of Hope is good for all of us. Anyone will enjoy this spiritual and inspirational journey filled with reflections and pictures instilling hope and reminding us how challenges can be turned into opportunities. This book is encouraging to anyone who is struggling. It’s a companion that can help us learn more about ourselves and life. One can read this book in the order of the pages or just open the book anywhere, trusting that the most supportive message for that particular day will present itself. It includes practices that are helpful in turning the pain of the challenges into personal growth. Since it’s a small and simple book any layperson who is sick, grieving or struggling with any life challenges can find hope from it. The book can be in on the coffee table of any family or individual’s night table. It is also relevant for professionals who can recommend it to their clients as well as to have in their waiting rooms. Also, hospice and hospitals can have this book available for their clients. The main purpose of this book is to instill hope and bring light to people’s lives.It is also an invitation to look at things with a wider perspective and to see that we can learn from the challenges in life. This book can be a supportive companion for challenging times and will enlighten anyone’s day. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Exploring and helping others in integrating body, mind and spirit has been a lifelong passion for Meera Riitta. She grew up in Finland. Nature has always been inspiring and healing support for her. Walking in the woods was her favorite activity in addition to dancing and doing yoga. Meera Riitta graduated with a Master’s degree from Naropa University’s Somatic Psychology Program in 1998 (Boulder, CO). She worked and trained with Christine Caldwell, founder of the Moving Cycle Institute and a Department Head of Somatic Psychology Department of Naropa University. Meera Riitta also studied with Anna Halprin creator of “The Life Art Process”. After graduating she worked in various clinical therapeutic settings (most with Exempla Healthcare) using movement, art, yoga, adventure therapy and meditation as ways to bring healing. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She studied different healing modalities including Swedish massage, yoga, shiatsu, Ayurveda, macrobiotics and meditation, which are part of her daily practices even today.

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