A Novel


Justin Kurian

Paperback / $18.00 / isbn: 978-1-58790-214-7 / 232 pages / 5.5” x 8.5”


Fiction / Novel


Not much mystery is left in the world, but Romania still intrigues. This is precisely where John Arden finds himself. Although rampantly successful for a time in the New York business world, his soul is bare. In The Sunlight Lies Beyond, we find him living in Romania in 1992, just three years after the collapse of the communist regime. What he discovers is a country where mystery still abounds. The society is amidst an arduous transition and he becomes entangled with various people embroiled in this tumultuous world. He begins to attend the struggling National Opera and he is shocked at what he discovers lurks behind the actors’ smiling faces. He also meets a startlingly talented, ambitious businesswoman who is bitterly repressed by society. For the first time, if he can successfully confront the tribulations ahead, he senses the possibility of vanquishing his inner demons.


Justin Kurian was born and raised in New York and has a degree in American Studies and Literature from Wesleyan University. After graduating Brooklyn Law School, he worked as a public defender in Manhattan. He lived in Europe for 7 years, primarily Romania and England, and has written and directed short films. The Sunlight Lies Beyond  is his first novel.

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