A Barker’s Dozen


Patricia Leslie, MS


Paperback / $12 / ISBN-10: 1-58790-104-9 / 68 pages / 5.5” x 8.5”


Baking  /  Cooking  /  Vegan Cooking  /  Pets


While the popularity of natural foods is increasing exponentially these days, and new vegan cookbooks seem to be hitting the shelves every month, there are not yet many options when it comes to providing truly healthy snacks for our canine companions. In The Wholesome Dog Biscuit (punningly subtitled A Barker’s Dozen), author Patricia Leslie provides thirteen tasty, natural-ingredient recipes for vegan, sugar-free, allergy-free dog biscuits and treats.


Leslie includes all necessary preparation techniques and diagrams; even a first-time cook will feel well-guided thanks to clear, detailed language and straightforward steps. The book is rounded out with a wealth of information on “Food, Health, and Dogs.”


The Wholesome Dog Biscuit doesn’t stop there. Each dog-named recipe (Maeve’s Faves; Toby’s Delight Carroty Bites) is adorned with an original drawing of the eponymous real-life dog. At the end of the book, short biographies of these mostly-rescued dogs provide both chuckles, and some food for thought. There is something innately heartwarming about the idea of baking healthy, homemade biscuits for your four-legged best friend, and this warm-hearted book resonates with a deep love for dogs from cover to cover.

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