Successful Baking Without Dairy or Eggs

Book One:  Cookies, Cookies, Cookies


by Patricia Leslie, M.S.


Paperback / $16 / ISBN-10: 1-58790-0510-3 / 150 pages / 5.5” x 8.5”


Baking  /  Cooking  /  Vegan Cooking


There are plenty of vegan-cuisine books available these days, but most have only scanty sections on either desserts or baking. Ms. Leslie, a lifelong baker and longtime vegetarian, has made it her mission to fill this gap. With a background in anthropology, she understands that feelings about food are among the strongest cultural bonds. People may be willing to make many concessions to better health, but draw the line at saying farewell forever to that special “comfort treat” – be it gingerbread men, peach pie, or banana muffins. Cookies, Cookies, Cookies is the first of a series devoted to natural-ingredient baking.


The popularity of natural foods is increasing exponentially these days, with good reason. Health risks including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer have all been linked to ingredients such as butter, refined sugar and flour, and hydrogenated vegetable oils. A majority of people worldwide are lactose-intolerant. Children’s behavioral problems are linked to excessive sugar and artificial additives.


The Wholesome Oven’s recipes – free of eggs, butter, and cream — produce light, tender, flavorful results. Unrefined sugar and liquid canola oil are at a minimum. Leslie includes preparation techniques, a guide to natural ingredients, and a list of source companies.

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