The Story of A Life


Phyllis D. Grilikhes


paperback / $30.00 / ISBN-13: 978-1-58790-145-4 / 186 pages / 6” x 9” /

Includes 3 CD’sbound into book of  the author reading the entire work!


Autobiography / Women’s Studies / Poetry


To Set A Light In Every Tunnel presents a poetic, autobiographical narrative. The story is a triumph of the process of building identity. Part confession, part affirmation the book highlights the detailed and tangled pathways of experience and memory. It touches universal themes such as courage in view of fear, trust in view of self-doubt, and intimacy in view of distance that, given the dimension of time, constitute a life. The willingness to refine identity is as natural as a stone being sculpted into form. The author has dexterously woven many threads together in a book flows and is a lean and fast paced read.


Phyllis D. Grilikhes is a writer, former dancer, and practicing musician. She is also a psychologist and has been for many years on  the faculty of the City College of San Francisco. She has been published by Manzanita Poetry Journal and her work will appear in the Spring 2008 Willard & Maple Literary Journal as well as in Eclipse Literary Journal, 2009. At present she is working on a second book A Brief Exploration in Perceptions of Rhythm.

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