by Thomas Stolmar



$18.00  / ISBN: 978-1-58790-448-6 / 88 pages / paperback / 6” x 9”



ABOUT THE BOOK Long overdue, this collection of Tom Stolmar’s poems bottles his impulse-driven barely containable talent for stringing words together that convey unexpected emotional truths laced with comedy of the highest and lowest orders. In some poems, Stolmar appears to have channeled Wallace Stevens by way of a mad Hungarian street performer on the San Francisco waterfront. His antics attract a crowd. Stick around and he will bring you gales of much-needed laughter and just before the rain starts, move you to tears. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Tom Stolmar was born in 1961 and grew up downriver from Detroit. In 1977 he moved to Düsseldorf, West Germany, returning to the U.S. to study at Maryland Institute College of Art. He then fell in love and skipped off to San Francisco. He became notorious with the Post-Beat Generation poets known as Babarians, the crazed denizens of the Café Babar. In 1994, Stolmar went on to receive his B.A. in Poetics at New College Of California. His two previous books of poetry are Go Figure and Tsunami. His novel in progress is Paper Jaguar. In 1991 he met a fair Hungarian “kislány” “kislány” with whom he shared a kindred relation as his father’s family was also of Magyar descent. Stolmar continues to reside in San Francisco, splitting his time between there and his wife’s more peaceful home just outside Budapest.

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