Adventures in The Free Speech Zone


by Stoney Burke

Paperback / $19.95 / isbn: 978-1-58790-272-7 / 206 pages / 6” x 9”

E-book / $7.99 / 978-1-58790-273-4


 Autobiography / Free Speech / Street Performers


Weapon: Mouth is a must read for those who enjoy the nonfiction genre of political satire. This is a unique look at the life and times of one of America’s last open air speakers, Stoney Burke. Not quite an autobiography, but a long way from false fiction, Stoney writes a story filled with humor and heroics that only a man in a clown suite and the first amendment in his heart could muster up. From his youth in Michigan scraping racial slurs off the sidewalk in front of his house, to confrontational realities, to his hilarious presidential platforms, it’s a page turner. From Paul Krassner’s foreword to Stoney’s take on Occupy, a gold mine of wit and wisdom is unearthed.

    This is a book that anyone to left of the Democrats can appreciate. Weapon: Mouth is filled with original art work, deep water musings, tales of arrests, and personal triumph culled from over 35 years of street performing and clowning. Stoney takes us on an adventure between the lines of the first amendment, where the faint of heart dare not tread.


Stoney Burke, when not revealing truth to power, has supported himself in a variety of occupations, from cab driver to big screen movie actor. He currently divides his time between Michigan and the S. F. Bay area.


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