The Mystery of Your Emotions


by Johana Goldberg-Garrison

Paperback / $18.00 / isbn: 978-1-58790-250-6 / 245 pages / 6 x 9

e-book / $9.99 / isbn: 978-1-58790-251-2

Psychology  /  Mental Health  /  Therapy


What is a feeling? What causes a feeling to enter our experience? What causes them to leave? Where do feelings go when they leave? What do they mean? Do they influence you?


What do you truly know about your own feelings?


Why Tears? speaks to the heart of your experience. You know the truth when you hear it.


What happened to our tears? What is wrong with crying? Why are we afraid/ashamed to cry? Why the phrase, “A good cry?” How did we learn that crying was shameful or wrong?


Why Tears? The Mystery of Your Emotions answers these questions.


Seeking to “save the world,” Johana Goldberg-Garrison became a head start teacher, one of 25 in the United States to receive an Experienced Teaching Fellowship leading to a Masters Degree at San Francisco State. While there, her home studies lead to the awakening need for parent training. Since no research was offered academically, she designed and pursued post graduate wisdom to include parent training and many communication classes. She was fascinated with the precursory work of Fritz Perls, discoverer (as he terms it) of the emotion depths that came to be known as Gestalt Therapy and Jean Liedloff’s illuminating Continuum Concept which revealed mysteries in the parenting saga. Johana lives in Desert Hot Springs with Adam, Tara, Bazil, Blessing and Missy

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